Tips To Claim myVEGAS Slots Free Chips & Rewards!

Hi friends,

Do you know how you should utilize myvegas slots free chips and loyalty points for a better experience ?

That’s what we are going to tell you in this article the most effective ways to claim your myvegas slots free chips, loyalty points or rewards bonus etc, so that you can enjoy this game at fullest level. So stay cool and read thoroughly these tips which will help you a lot in your game play… we hope.

Cool Tips To Find myVegas Slots Free Chips Loyalty Points

#1. Buying Chips – You really like playing the game???… then why why don’t you purchase some chips. This will help you in two ways – first one this will help you getting more chances to get myvegas slots free chips rewards bonus unlikely that happens 3 times in 30 days usually, and second one is that its gonna support myvegas developers to add more amazing games in myvegas to get more better experience while playing your lovely game.

#2. Hotel Bonuses – Yes , that’s true… you also have chances to get rewarded bonus collecting from M lIfe Themed Hotels. So keep in your mind too.

#3. Redeem Gifts – You may have seen sometimes your friends sending you rewards bonus gifts. That’s another cool way of sharing and get reward of myvegas slots free chips with a bonus.

#4. Leveling Up – This is another great way to claim myvegas free chips & loyalty points. That’s pretty easy to understand… here we go… when you start playing the game and you levels up one level, you get the more opportunity to get rewarded with loyalty points bonus. Though its small increase in loyalty points but that’s accepted because loyalty points are rare comparatively as you know. For example – suppose you levels up and you are getting loyalty points some like between 50 to 1000. So its good way to get loyalty points bonus. The concept is pretty simple to understand… the more play and levels up… the more the LP bonus you get rewarded.

#5. Viva myVEGAS (Iphone) – Its very mush similar to chips as we told you earlier, just with one difference i.e. you have opportunity to get awarded with loyalty points too in this case.

#6. Gameplay – This is one of coolest way that help a lot of players to get loyalty points bonus as they keep on playing myvegas free chips. For example in this case you are awarded 10 sets of LP as  you continue playing the game. Many factors affects the LP in this case like how much you bet, whats your current level in game. Below we have given a optimal trick to that will help you get over 50K LP within a short time like under in a month if you followed correctly.

#7. Daily Spin – Daily spinning also brings more opportunity for players to get LP bonus. This amount of LP is dependent on your current level too with daily spins.

To give you a brief idea here we have shown below a screenshot, how wedge amounts varies according to your level and hence you LP bonus alters in the same fashion.

myVegas Slots free chips & Loyalty Points


Lets come to the point to understand this strategy… lets start…

Why do we like this game?

  • Absolutely because of real life awards that we redeem using our LP bonus we achieved based on how we played the game so far. And everyone like these awards… That’s why we play!

There are two main strategy players use more often… either from betting technique they use or leveling up the game. This method is just an efficient way to get maximum LP while playing your game without fear of loosing so many myvegas free chips. That’s the only thing you need to understand. As this game is based on chips.. generate chips and play more to get more opportunity to win loyalty points bonus… and redeem them to real life awards.

To claim more chips you can follow us… here we update the latest myvegas free chips codes for our players. Hope that you got few points cleared to get the most benefit while playing and enjoying your favorite slots game.

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